Shop With Confidence…

…and with the knowledge that the pork, bacon, ham and sausages you are purchasing conforms to UK welfare legislation or equivalent standards.

While the BPEX Quality Standard Mark provides an easy way to find these products in store, unfortunately, not all retailers choose to use the Mark, even though the products they sell may well conform to the standards of the Scheme. To make it easier for you to check which products stocked by the supermarkets conform to the standards, simply click onto the supermarket logo for more details.

This information on retailers’ sourcing policies has been provided by the companies in question to the National Pig Association or the British Pig Executive.

Retailers confirmed which of their product ranges comply with the regulatory UK welfare specifications. All British pork must comply with those standards. ‘UK equivalent’ means that the pork was produced outside the UK under welfare conditions equivalent to those required in the UK. Any product ranges not listed have not been confirmed to the National Pig Association or the British Pig Executive as being sourced to those minimum UK welfare standards.

If a product carries the Quality Standard Mark this is your guarantee that it has been produced to those welfare standards and been subject to quality control systems and independent auditing of the whole supply chain.




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